Kai Alexander & Lex Blonde

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Some guys get their exercise from taking up a sport, but for Kai Alexander and Lex Blonde the hardest workout always takes place after a game of basketball – alone in the locker-room, where they’re able to give their cocks and ass-holes the kind of aerobic runabout that all of us dream of. Alexander, in particular, can’t wait to get down on his knees to slurp and feast on Blonde’s hairless dick; and it’s not long before the compliment is being returned on Alexander’s equally closely-shaved crotch.

Indeed, if you’ve got a thing for boys without pubes then this pairing is gonna have sent you into porn-heaven long before Alexander has seated himself down on his pal’s knob; though don’t bust your balls too quickly because the rampant display of hardcore fornication that follows from these lads is definitely worth a lengthy gander. Alexander, to his credit, takes Blonde’s lengthy shaft in pretty much every position imaginable; culminating in a bench-fuck that’ll have you knocking out a load in no time.

Just the sight of Blonde pumping his wad into the bottom’s open, hungry mouth is quite simply magic – Alexander gobbling and swallowing his mate’s jizz like any dirty whore should!

Kody Bangs Bastian

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The boys get it on at Kody’s downtown loft. Bastian deep throats Kody’s hard, perfect cock, swallowing every inch until it’s hard enough to probe his tight hole. Kody thrusts his ripped body against Bastian’s big bubble butt, making him moan with pleasure before busting a load on his own stomach.

Skinny Dipping

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Swimming in the pool just isn’t as much fun without a buddy. And swimming with a buddy isn’t as much fun as swimming naked with a buddy. So Cooper invites Blake to join him for some skinny dipping. The water might be freezing cold, but it hasn’t had any negative effect on Blake’s hung, swinging dick. Now on to the bedroom, where the horny boys warm each other up by rubbing their smooth bodies together. Cooper grinds his tight hole on Blake’s big, uncut cock until he covers Blake in a blanket of his own thick load. Fucking in a warm bed beats skinny dipping in a cold pool any day.