CamChat: Cutie Zander Sparks Live

Zander Sparks Cam Chat

Cute, sexy, boyish Zander Sparks is live with us tonight on CamChat. He’s a real sweetheart with just the right mix of boyish cuteness and a bit of sass. He’s often sporting little white ankle socks, nylon sport shorts, and cute underwear but will most likely be ready and willing to put on or take off anything your fetish desires. Catch him live by clicking his profile image above.

Member Reviews:

5TERRY5 Wrote on: November 9, 2012
Zander Sparks: A whole lot of fun to visit with. Don’t really know whtat to say about Zander, other than I love to visit with him. He will take the time to just talk to u if that’s what u want. His show & pvts. seem to be very good. Just stop in and visit with him, see a pvt. or show. And see if u don’t start to like him also. And now he has a partner. They seem to be very good together. & Lex seems to be pretty good guy too. Just stop in a see for yourself. & enjoy ur visit with them.

thatboyismine Wrote on: November 2, 2012
Zander comes fully endorsed and TBIM approved! He’s a real sweetheart who is soft spoken and a gracious chat host. Don’t be fooled though, this cutie has a spicy side and loves to have fun showing off that smooth, tight body. He also looks like a famous pop star in the right light, all that’s missing is the cap. Stop in and play out some fantasies with this great guy!

smartnow Wrote on: October 28, 2012
Wow – this guy has it all. Beautiful, athletic body – great friendly personality and a perfect smile. i will definitely come back for more. He’s why this site is so good. Thanks, Zander :) See you soon!

Boy’s Puma Socks on the Deck

Click for live boys CamChat sock play fetish!

Click for live boys CamChat sock play fetish!

Little does he know how much he turns me on when he takes his shoes off on the deck. He thinks I don’t notice his self gratifying as he rubs his socked boy feet together and touches his cock under the table until he gets a raging boner. Little does he know how often I bury my face in his Adidas sneakers and inhale his boy musk when he isn’t looking.

First Time Teens – Kyle & James

Click for picture and video set here on SockBoyZ


Kyle sneaks downstairs to the kitchen to help himself to a midnight snack of ice cream. James wakes up too and comes into the kitchen looking for something more than ice cream to satisfy the strange hunger he’s feeling. The two lads start to explore each others’ bodies and their urges lead them to places they haven’t been before; it’s new territory; they don’t want to stop, but they don’t want the other housemates knowing their secret, so they keep as quiet as they can, exploring each other and enjoying a silent but intensely wonderful fuck.