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Martin Fost Cam Chat

Meet Martin Fost, a hot fresh face at SockBoyZ CamChat! You can read his latest member reviews below and visit his live room above.

ChristianS7 Wrote on: August 16, 2017
Martin is a terrific performer, I have been chatting with him since he started here and have found him intelligent and entertaining. I always ensure performers know what I expect before private and have found Martin works hard to please and provide what has been asked for. 🙂

njguy420 Wrote on: August 10, 2017
great looking guy, but didnt get naked during private, and when asked he said later, meanwhile we were 6 minutes in. dont waste your credits like i did..

Toby2800 Wrote on: July 17, 2017
I think Martin deserves 10+ stars he’s so awesome, so hot and deliciously cute and fun. I recommend him to anyone. He’s the BEST!

Horny-Girlfriend Wrote on: July 8, 2017
Looks like good boy but deep down he is a kink freak. One of the hottest I have seen on here.

Tim_sweet08 Wrote on: June 4, 2017
Martin is just to cute & hot
He is #1 on here he is very sexy and smart and fun to chat