CamChat: William Haley for Viewer’s Choice


William Haley returns this week with his eye on the prize. He’s aiming for a spot in the FOTY top 10 Viewer’s Choice and at the time of this post is sitting at #35. The Viewer’s Choice daily vote runs until December 31 and you can find it right on William’s bio so make sure to give him your votes. Watch for William live on CamChat often as the contest unfolds.

Tent Hopping Sluts

Click for picture set and video here on SockBoyZ

Tent Hopping Sluts – Scene 3 – Josh, Tyler and Aaron

We’ve all had that fantasy. You’re camping out, under the stars, the fresh, open air around the campsite – roasting smores around the fire, it’s almost…romantic, but more than anything, you just want to jump in a tent with some twink and ride them like your trusty stead has vanished off into the night. That’s exactly what these euro twinks are doing, they’ve had the fantasies, now they’re doing it in reality. HOT!