Jesse Starr

Another one of our favorite twink boy stars!  Jesse Starr is an amazing performer who loves to get fucked hard in his white socks!  Aside from being really sweet and cute, this boy makes noises that will make you cum without even touching yourself.

Click the above banner to view Jesse’s profile and see all things Jesse Starr!  Enjoy the content below:

Click the photo to view the DVD page and the banner below to visit Jesse’s profile.

8 Responses to Jesse Starr

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  2. anonymous says:

    Jesse is very cute but that behind needs a good and very hard sound spanking

  3. riua kumar says:

    im you sexy ilove jesse starr

  4. LAMBERT says:

    it’s very good ilove jesse starr

  5. puceau says:

    t mon amour je t’aime jesse starr ke c bon la branlette sur t videos

  6. puceaugay says:

    il es tro mignon j’aimerais bien faire mon dépucelage avec lui se serait un régal je t’aime jesse starr

  7. Jessemarryme says:

    If I was rich I would find a way to make Jesse say yes to marrying me. Sigh. :-) I love you Jesse. You have given me so much already. ;-) You define beauty. I would love to pamper and take care of you (and other things of course). Just by writing this it makes me feel all gushy inside. Ok, this is fantasy (I’m not rich of course) but it is still the truth (boy, I wish I was rich). Once again Jesse, you have found a way to make me happy.
    I wish Jesse would get with Abyss Creations and make a love doll of himself. I would pay 6K for that…!

  8. mike wolfe says:

    he’s definitely a babe. is there an email address where i could at least correspond with him? just wondering. xoxoxoxo

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