Ashton & Ryan

This is a new set of photos from BareTwinks!  Ashton Cody is a spectacular Twink porn star.  He is certainly one of our favorites and we quite sure that he will be one of yours as well.  This is a large gallery, click each image to enlarge view.  Join BareTwinks today and enjoy an amazing amount of Twink related photos and videos.  We are sure that you will agree it is some of the best gay twink boy porn material produced today.

Gallery Synopsis:

Twink is Attacked by Sexy Stranger

There’s some bizarre dreaming going on at BareTwinks and Ashton Cody and Ryan Conners are feeling the effects. In a bizarre dream Ashton Cody is tied up and undressed by a scary but sexy stranger (Ryan Conners). It’s “torturous”? as Ashton has no choice but to lay back and have his throbbing cock sucked and rubbed. Finally the stranger unchains the twinks legs so that he can spread them open and penetrate the sweet, tight twink ass, spewing his cum all over and inside of it.

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