Bareback Boys

It’s a cool crisp chilly day in San Diego as Alan Davis happens upon young hottie, Gabe Isaac, in the park. Ever the flirt, Davis invites the kid back to his place where they can warm up…. Which is the understatement of the YEAR, ‘cause boy is packin’ some HEAT! Underneath all those clothes lies a scorchingly HOT, mammoth meat monster! His schlong hangs heavy with engorged thickness and Davis devours every last inch, bracing the base with his hand so nobody gets injured because this thing is a weapon! Davis’s dong gets the star treatment it deserves from Isaac as well before the horse hung hottie turns him around to explore his succulent sphincter. This kid’s cock is so big Alan absolutely NEEDS to be primed with a wet mouth before that bad boy breaks in with his bionic boner bareback. The boys tag team one another’s tight ends, taking turns switch hitting as they stretch each other’s unbelievable anal limits of lust. Feverishly fucking hard on the dorm room floor, Davis drives his hard wood home until it heaves out heavy cream inside Gabe’s now gorgeously gaping hole.