Horny Team Mates

There’s no hanging about for young Spaniard, Ruben Bart, when his team-mate, Nick Vargas, enters the changing-room – but then would you really have ever expected anything different? In his short time with STAXUS, the horny blond wonder has already very eagerly demonstrated his lust for other guys; and suffice it to say that he shows absolutely no resistance when the hunky Czech makes a bee-line for his football shorts and (more importantly) its contents! Not that there would really seem to be any point resisting a fellow like Vargas, who comes across as a man who doesn’t readily accept no for an answer.

But Bart is most definitely ripe for the picking; and by the time the stud has worked his magic on his mate’s shaft, slurping away like an old pro as well as taking time to dock their cocks together in a bit of foreskin play, the cute little twink is like putty in his big, manly hands. Cue a tremendous session of animalistic 69-ing on one of the benches; before Vargas takes aim at his buddy’s ass-hole with his thick, meaty member, thrusting every generous inch deep inside the hairless hole. It’s a move that promptly pushes Bart to a whole new level of aggressive bottoming, which includes sitting on Vargas’s shaft and riding it like the filthy little whore he was always meant to be.

There aren’t gonna be many folks who can sit through this spectacle unaffected – not least of all given the way these lads provocatively keep their socks and boots on throughout – and by the time Bart has creamed himself mid-fuck and Vargas has knocked out his thick, pent-up load onto the fresh-faced pup’s lips, we’re sure you’ll be very well drained!