Cum Loving Masseur

Injury is the biggest fear of any sportsman, so it’s little wonder that hunky Dan Broughton should seem a little concerned in his team’s locker-room when his back starts to niggle him. It’s just as well for him, therefore, that young Tristan Wood is on hand to give him a good old-fashioned rub-down – a task that the fresh-faced youth adopts with quite understandable enthusiasm. After all, who in their right mind wouldn’t want to run their fingers over Broughton’s toned, tattooed flesh?

As it happens, mind, it’s not all one-way appreciation. Broughton is clearly just as taken with the cute little twink’s massaging skills as Wood is smitten with the athlete’s splendid physique; and as such it’s no surprise when the two buddies are reciprocating an oral appreciation of each other’s dicks. Not surprisingly, perhaps – given Broughton’s physical advantage – it’s the older lad who boasts the more impressive ramrod. That in itself is good news for the pale-skinned masseur, who feasts on all that swollen flesh with unmistakable gusto; before allowing his sporting hero to thrust his oversized shaft deep into his guts!

What ensues is a terrifically erotic display of nad-busting fornication, which will have every sport-fuck fantasist giving their dick a well-earned finger-clenching workout; though arguably it’s Broughton spraying his wad over the youngster’s face, then smearing his cock on the boy’s face, that’s the highlight!