Skater Boy Threesome

Like a lot of horny young men – and a lot of older guys too! – Oscar Roberts has an obsession with porn. So much so, in fact, that he brazenly invites his two best buddies, Tristan Wood and Lee Rider, to come over to his place in order to watch some hardcore action together. But what one guy finds a turn-on doesn’t always hit the spot with someone else, and whilst Roberts is clearly horned-up big time by what’s taking place on-screen it’s clearly not have the same effect on his mates.

Unwilling to let the opportunity pass without some form of action, however, Wood and Rider are soon busily distracting their porn-crazed pal by means of some explicit action of their own – not only by sucking dick, as you’d surely expect, but by simultaneously indulging in some kinky foot-worship. It’s a niche indulgence, that’s for sure, and there’s no disguising the excitement of these three lads as they explore each others’ bodies top to toe – quite literally!

An excitement that soon has Roberts giving both Wood and Rider a taste of that thick, meaty shaft of his deep inside their pert little asses – something we just know our dirty legion of fans will enjoy to the utmost given the fact that there isn’t so much as a rubber in sight. As such, Roberts barebacks both his buddies in turn, banging the spunk out of both them before rupturing his own swollen nads courtesy of a multi-shot spray of jizz in the scene’s concluding moments. And if the sight of all that skaterboy goo doesn’t nut you, fuck knows what will!