Wrestling Weekend

Wrestling Weekend

It was a nice but cold Winter day. I was just planning to workout
for a few hours when the phone rang. It was Matt. One of the guys on
the wrestling team. I had always had a crush on him and I finally messed
around with him a while back. He wanted me to come over and practice
with him some. Matt had a basement with some mats put down so it was
common for us to practice down there. But, anymore each match turned
into a spermfest.

He was so easy to wrestle because he was at a lighter weight class
than I was. He was real cute too. He was about 5’9″, brown hair, brown
eyes, and the 145 weight class. He was a bit shorter than me, but he was
also a grade lower too. I’m about 6′, and I have blonde hair and blue
eyes, the 165 weight class. I loved the feel when his sweaty body would
squirm from under me as I pinned to the mat. He said he liked the
handicap because it made him stronger. I always sucked on his cock first
to make up for it though.

I told him I would be over in a few minutes. I had to get ready.
For some reason he seemed to be more excited than ususal so I hurried. I
slipped off my nike shorts and muscle shirt and put on my Old Navy cargo
pants and shirt. I put my singlet and head gear in my backpack. Then, I
put on my blue Cowboys Starter jacket and left my house.

As soon as I got to his house I started to get hard. I wanted him
so bad. We had such a great times together. There was a note on the
door: “Come down to the basement, I’ll be down there.” I got my stuff
and invited myself in. I went down the basement stairs quietly even
though no one was there but us. I looked and there he was on the floor
kissing Steven Pounds, another guy on the team. He was on JV with Matt.
He was in my weight class, he was 5’11”, he had dirty blonde hair, and
blue eyes. They were both just in their jocks and singlets. I said,
“Well, someone couldn’t wait.” Then Matt looked up.

He got off of Steven and tackled me right there on the floor and
started kissing me very passionatly on the lips. Then our tounges met. I
was instantly hard. Then, he started kissing on my neck and rubbing my
body though my clothes. Then, he let up. He unziped then unsnapped my
Starter jacket so he could get my shirt off. He then took off my shirt.
I was laying on top of my jacket and the mat. He started kissing me all
over my body. I could feel he was hard too because I could feel his cock
grinding against mine as he worked away at my body. His favorite spots
were my nipples and my abs because they were so hard. As he sucked my
nipples I could feel a wet spot in my pants from pre-cum. Then he got
off of my body

He then stipped his Gold and black singlet down past his waist and
got rid of the jock. Then, he stratled me so I could get at his cock. He
had a big one for his age. He was 6.5 inches of glory, and full of cum.
I slowly slid his dick into my mouth and let my lips wrap around it. It
was warm and so big. He then slid it all the way in. After we got the
routine going he started going faster and faster. His moans of pleasure
getting louder and louder. I could hear steve’s moans too. He must have
been jacking off watching us get it on.

Then, I start to taste the his pre-cum in my mouth. Such a welcome
salty taste. He was moaning, sweating, and telling how great I was
doing, and to do it somemore. I did too. I sucked him off so hard. Then,
it was his time. I felt a squirt, then another of his cum in my mouth. I
swallowed it as it came into my mouth. He then removed his cock from my
mouth and with the cum and my siliva on it he jacked it and another
squirt came out and hit me in the face. I licked off what I could and
swallowed it. He tried to get some on my face but he missed and got it
on the inside part of my sweaty Starter jacket. Then, the last few
squirts went on my stomach. He then licked it off of my chest.

He saw the bulge in my cargo pants and moved down. He then
unbottoned them and unzipped them. And, slipped them down. Sure enough,
there was a wet spot on my boxers. He licked the spot a few times and
took the boxers down. Then, he started sucking away at my cock. Mine was
a little bigger than his at 7 inches. He was definatly an expert at
sucking cock. I could feel his tounge right on my nerve. I was just
overcome. I was moaning with pleasure and saying, “Oh yeah, oh, god this
feels good Matt.” He went faster and faster. His siliva all over my cock
made go wild. He saw that I was near cumming so he let off and teased me
with his tounge. Then he sucked on the head for a minute, then he
plunged the whole thing in again and then I came in his mouth. It was
six big squirts of my cum. So much at one time that he could barely
handle it. He choked a little on it, but he swallowed it.

Then, my erection went down, and we both got up. I looked down at
my Starter jacket. There was a big white stain on the black inside part.
He said, “I’m sorry man, I just missed.” I said, “thats o.k. Gives me
something to remember you by until the next time.” And, I smiled at him.

Then, out of no where Steven speaks up. Sorry, but I have to go
home now. Can you drive me Heath? I said, sure I’ll take ya. So I put my
boxers and pants on. Then my shirt and my stained Starter jacket. All
Steven had on was a jock. He had stripped his Gold and black singlet to
jack himself off. He got into his backpack. He had some clothes and his
bluegreen and purple hornets Starter jacket pull over. He put those all
on and we were ready to go. Matt also got dressed. He got into a red
pair of nike shorts and a t-shirt. I hit him the shoulder pretty hard.
“Why did you do that for?” he said. I said, “Because you let off of me
when I was about to cum.” Then I smiled.

We made our way up the stairs and we went outside. We said goodbye
to Matt and got in my car. After I looked Steve over he looked pretty
attractive. Then, I started the car and we got a block away when Steve
said, “I didn’t really have to leave, I just wanted you to myself.” I
was shocked. Another hot friend of mine wanted me! Then, he said that
his parents were gone and we would have the house to ourselves. This was
great, I was going to get it twice in one day!

We went inside and made it to the couch. He was so cute and tough
looking. I wanted him so bad. He was just about my same size. A perfect
match. He threw me on the couch and took off his Starter jacket and his
shirt first thing. Then, he worked at getting my clothes off. He
stripped us both until we were totally naked. Then, he started kissing
me. I loved his dominate control on me. Our cocks grown to full
attention very quickly since they were rubbing up against each other. I
felt his tounge swirling in my mouth. I loved the feel of it. It got me
even more horny. Then he stopped and pulled me farther down on the
couch. Then we realized that it wasn’t big enough so we moved to his
room. He told me to lay on the bed so I did, and he got on top of me. He
was almost hairless and smooth like us. I got a look at his cock before
he put it in and it was 7.5 inches! Even bigger than mine!

He plunged it in but not to fast because I could choke on that
monster easy. Then, I just worked on the head for awhile. Swirling my
tounge around that huge head. His moans were so deep, manly, and
intense. I licked the shaft then sucked the whole thing. Then, cum
started gushing out of that big cock. I had to swallow fast, but it was
no use. It started running out of my mouth and onto my face. Then, he
took it out and licked my face so he could taste some of his own glorius
cum. Then, he turned me over and was starting to get hard again. He
stuck that monster slowly into my ass. Gently so it wouldn’t hurt that
bad. But, with a cock that big it hurt a little. Lubricated with the
left over cum and siliva he went in and out of my ass. After awhile it
felt pretty good. I was getting horny myself and let go of my wad on his
bed sheet.

Then, all of the sudden, I felt his cum just squirting into my ass.
It was great. He got off of me. We were so sweaty and smelly that it was
time to take a shower. I knew I would get mine in the shower.

So, we got in the shower together and started washing each other
off. We kissed and he sucked me off into a very explosive orgasam. I
cummed all over his face and body. We got out of the shower and started
to dry off. I looked him over as he was dring off. He was so sexy. I
wanted him more than I did Matt now. He told me to keep this a secret
though because he didn’t want Matt to know that he had lied. We were
about to get dressed when I said, “Can I have your clothes?” “Huh?” he
replied. “I have this thing about other guys clothes. I love to wear
them and cum on them. Besides, it something to remember them by until
next time.” He laughed and said, “Yeah, I have a thing for clothes too.”
So, I gave him mine and he gave me his — his pull over and everything.
I kissed him on the lips for the last time that day. We made
arrangements for next weekend and I left.

I had fun especially with the boxers because of the cum stain. I
made a few on his clothes too. My next favorite was that sexy Starter
jacket that he wore. I liked to cum on it the most.

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