Nylon Shorts Encounter



by JUSTIN SHORTS <[email protected]>

I was doing my A levels a couple of years ago at an FE college, and used
to travel from home by train. Coming back one day, I got into a
carriage which was empty (almost unheard of) apart from one guy from my
college who I quite often saw on that train, and who I knew was doing a
course in sports. He was really young looking, maybe only 18, and a
real hunk of teenage meat. It was July, and a hot day, and he was
wearing a skimpy white tee-shirt and light blue satin Umbro soccer
shorts, really shiny and sexy. I also wore a tee-shirt and pale blue

I don’t think we’d ever spoken to each other before, but I had often
eyed him up. He was really fit. Anyway, what was really strange is
that he came and sat in the seats across the gangway from me, when he
could have chosen anywhere elsewhere in this deserted carriage. I
smiled and he responded.`Really hot day, man. I’m fucked out’ he said,
and then lay back and closed his eyes. As the train pulled out, he
seemed to doze. But after a minute or so I was amazed to see him start
to stroke the front of his satin shorts, at first very gently and then
more firmly and insistently. All the time he kept
his eyes closed. Then he lifted one of his legs up to rest on the bench
seat, and I could see up the leg of his shorts. I caught my breath,
because underneath his crutch-hugging shorts I could see that he was
wearing a pair of brilliantly white nylon briefs. I began to rub myself
through the front of my jeans, and could feel the material of my blue
jeans sliding over the front on my silk boxers. I was really hot!

Suddenly I saw that his eyes were wide open and he was smiling broadly
again. Without a word I got up and moved across to side by his side,
and immediately I put an arm around his shoulders and with my left hand
began to rub him up through his shining shorts.
He parted his legs as
wide as he could, and his teenage cockmound filled my hand. I rubbed
and pressed it, and could feel the swollen packet of boyflesh pressing
through the confining material of his nylon briefs and satin shorts.

He moaned gently in his throat as I massaged him.

I was getting really excited, and was desperate to get working on his
briefs. As gently as I could, I slipped my hand up his shorts and
reached the warmth of his white briefs. Beneath I could feel the shape
of his hard teenmeat, and I began to stroke the length of his shaft
clearly pressing through the boy’s briefs. He lifted himself
slightly,and I took that as an invitation to tug his satin soccer shorts
down his thighs. The the youngster lay back again, opening
himself up to me in his tee-shirt and briefs. A damp patch of precum
was already wetting the front of his silky nylon briefs, and he looked
so horny. I dropped to my knees in front of the teenage athlete, and
pulled his shorts down to his ankles, then closed up to him and kissed
his warm stomach. Then I moved downwards, and got the first tang of his
hot flesh, swelling in his white nylon briefs. I could wait no longer,
but closed my mouth over the mound of teenflesh, contained in its nylon
prison. I eagerly licked the precum through his pants, and then more
urgently began to suck the head of his dick.

As I did this, with my own free hand I quickly unzipped my jeans and
parted them, and reached into my jeans and felt my hot cock through my
silk boxers. I began to wank myself off as I sucked my new friend, and
my own precum was dripping freely into my shorts. After a minute, the
teenager tensed, and I could tell he was nearly there. We both knew
that we only had about two minutes before reaching the next station, but
long enough to shoot our cum. I bobbed my head up and down on his silky
nylon-covered cock, and then I felt him judder and the lad began to
shoot his boycream into his white briefs. As he shot his cum, I sucked
it through the confining material and savoured the honey-flavoured
teenmilk. He came and came, and as he did so my own silk boxers filled
with my explosion of hot spunk.

After we had both cum, we quickly stripped out of our briefs and boxers
and exchanged them, just before the train pulled into the station. We
moved to different seats before people got onto the train, and didn’t
say anything else to each other.

I thought you guys who share an interest in lads in shorts and briefs
would like to hear about this, because its one of those kind of
experiences that you dream about, or think will only happen to someone
else. Doing it in public, with the risk of being caught, with a really
hot teen hunk – that’s what it’s all about!

If you enjoyed this, and want to tell me about your fantasy or true-life
hot story in shorts or briefs, let me know by sending me a hot email:
Justin <[email protected]>