Wrestling in College

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Wrestling in College -part 1

I began wrestling at age 12, and continued wrestling all through high
school. When I graduated I got a scholarship to the biggest state college.
I was nervous about moving 3 hours away from home, but soon found out I
loved the freedom. I lived in a dormitory which was exclusively male
athletes. At first I was afraid the other athletes might be a distraction,
but I really enjoyed the masculinity and the camaraderie of all the other

I knew I was gay at the age of 16. I dated plenty of women, but over time,
I had more and more trouble keeping interested in them. Often times when I
was having sex with my girlfriend, I thought of some of the guys I had
wrestled. The thought of their tight, lycra-encased bodies provided me
with enough stimulation to get me through sex with a woman. During my
senior year, I decided to stop dating women. I told everyone it was to
focus on my wrestling and to ensure a scholarship, but in realty I just did
not enjoy being with women anymore.

My roommate the first year of college, John, was another freshman. He was
a star swimmer at his high school. God he was gorgeous. He was 6ft tall,
dirty blonde hair, and a smooth body with awesome, defined abs. Just
imagining him in his Speedos was enough to get me hard. He was a real
Adonis if I ever saw one. Although he acted straight, I wondered often if
he might have feelings for other guys too. As the semester went on, I
found this to be true.

Since wrestling practice started before swimming practice, John asked one
day if he could come with me to maybe work out with the team. Coach said
it was fine and so we went off together to practice. Our coach was very
strict and always wanted us to practice in a lycra singlet. In high school
we always practiced in shorts and t-shirts and saved the singlets for real
matches. But our coach in college said we needed to practice hard and
practice like all our matches counted. He said the shorts and t-shirts got
in the way and provided too much distraction, and if we practiced in
singlets, we would be better prepared for real matches. This was no
problem with me, since I loved the stretchy spandex singlets. I loved
wearing mine. It made me feel so strong and sleek. Like I was invincible
and could do anything. The only thing that made me nervous was the fact
that the feel of the fabric was quite erotic to me also. Often times in a
match you got so close to another guys body parts. I had often
accidentally put my hand on another guys bulge, and had been groped a few
times myself. This would get me so hard sometimes I felt like I would
explode. Luckily I wore a jock under the singlet which helped to control
the look. I am sure other wrestlers could tell I was hard, but I don’t
think anyone could tell from the stands.

Anyways, back to practice…

singletsuckoffWe arrived for practice and changed into our singlets. Since John was not
a wrestler, I brought one of my extra singlets for him to wear. I put on
my jock and singlet and watched John out of the corner of my eye. I
noticed he didn’t bring a jock and just pulled on the lycra singlet over
his smooth, hard body without anything underneath. Then he turned to me
and asked me what I thought.

God I almost gasped. He was a real Adonis. The spandex stretched over his
tight body. His bulge looked almost obscene. You could tell his dick was
hanging off to one side. The outline was clearly visible. I was
speechless at first and he paused for a moment.


Thank god I was wearing a
jock to help control my swelling bulge.

He asked again if it looked ok. “Of course” I said. “You look like a
wrestler!” He then commented that he probably should have worn a jock
because he felt kind of on display. I told him it was no problem and
barely noticeable that he didn’t have anything on underneath.

Coach had us pair off in the gym. John and I moved to a mat in the corner
of the gym. I started showing him some moves and commented that he was a
natural. He told me he had wrestling in Jr. High, but stopped in high
school because the season overlapped with swimming and he enjoyed swimming
more. As we wrestled I often brushed his bulge with my hand. At first
accidentally, then I made a game out of it. Since we were in a corner away
from most of the team, I thought I might have some fun with him. On one
move I put my hand directly on his bulge while trying to pin him. He
looked at me strange at first, and then let out a sly smile. I could feel
his cock growing under the singlet. God was I having fun. His dick was
now poking up in the singlet. I could easily see the outline and he just
kept smiling. I was so excited I got a little weak and he took my weakness
to turn me over and try to pin me. While he was on top, his hand moved to
my bulge and he started rubbing it.

“How do you like it now?” he asked.

I just smiled back. God we were both so horny now I just wanted practice
to end. We went on with practice for a half hour. All the time John and I
took turns pinning the other and groping each other through our singlets.
When practice was done we went into the locker room. John started to take
off the singlet and I said why don’t we just put on our sweats over our
singlets and change back in our room. He smiled at me and said ok. I got
the feeling he found the singlets as erotic as I did.

We raced each other back to our room. As soon as the door was closed and
locked, he removed his sweats and stripped down to his singlet. I
hurriedly followed his lead. He moved close to me and just stared really
hard at my face. It was so intense. His blue eyes were piercing.

He started to say, “So you are..?”

I nodded.

He moved toward me and we started to kiss. I felt my head start to spin.
His hand moved down to my dick. It started to swell again under my
singlet. I put my hand on his bulge. This feeling was so incredible. Two
hot, hard jocks in their wrestling singlets groping each other. Their hard
dicks straining against the lycra fabric. I moved my head down to his
dick. I began sucking his dick though the fabric. I could tell he was in
heaven. He began to moan and sway back and forth. He said he had thought
about me in my singlet since we met and had dreamed about getting together
with me like this.

I could taste his precum as it soaked through the singlet. I could tell he
was getting close. He pulled me off him and started pulling the straps
down on my singlet. He pulled down the singlet to my hips and then pulled
down my jock. My dick sprung free and he eagerly moved his head down to my
dick. He started sucking like crazy. We moved to my bed and turned to 69
each other. I began to remove his singlet but he stopped me. “I want to
come in your singlet” he said. My god! This was too much. How would I
ever be able to wear that again without getting incredibly turned on? So I
started to suck him again through the singlet. He resumed sucking my dick
while my singlet was pulled down around my waist. His breathing began to
get faster and faster and I knew he was close. I wrapped my arms around
and put my hands on his lycra encased butt and I pulled him close. I kept
sucking his dick through the fabric. I was close too. He took one hand
and put it under my balls as he sucked my dick. I could feel the climax
building in my balls. His body started to quiver. We both started to
shake as I felt his first spurt of cum soak through the fabric. I kept
sucking him through the singlet and soon I was shooting my load into his
hot mouth. He sucked me and sucked me and I felt my balls pulse as each
wave of cum shot out. I continued sucking him as the cum soaked through
the singlet. We collapsed then in a heap of maleness. Our singlets both
soaked with sweat and cum. The smell was one of pure testosterone. Two
athletes intertwined in an incredible spent heap.

We then cleaned up and I commented how hard it was going to be to wear that
singlet again after what we just did. He smiled at me and just said “wait
until I get you into a pair of my Speedos”.

To be continued……
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