Speedo Crush

This is a true story. If you are under 18, or in an area where you cannot
access this type of material- PLEASE LEAVE! If this is offensive to you-
why are you here?

I began college three years ago. I have always been an athletic person,
and I got a full athletic scholarship for swimming. All of the staight guys
on my highschool team had been bothered by the tight speedos, but I enjoyed
them. Of course, I never admitted it- at the time I was still in the
closet. But I loved how you could see the outlines of their cocks, balls,
and hair. My biggest problem was keeping my boners hidden- that would have
been embarassing and obvious.

I would always come early, that way I could get in some good excercise
before the other guys came, and I spent my time gazing at their crotches and
beautiful bodies. Then, I would leave early so that I could go take a shower
and jack off. One day, the morning before a big meet with a neighboring
school, I went early- only to find that all the other guys had done the same
thing. We swam for a while, and then we all filed into the locker room a
little early. I was surprised to find out how voyeuristic they were. They
pulled off their swimcaps, and then goggles, ripped of their speedos and
then unzipped their bags and opened their lockers.

There was one boy who I had a crush on. He was 6’2″, very muscular,
slightly tan, with blonde hair. He was then real exhibitionist of the
group. When he changed that morning, I got a nice long look at his cock.
He pulled of his cap and goggles, unwrapped his towel, and pulled down his
speedo. His cock was beautiful! It was about 8 inches, cut, and round. It
had blonde curly hair in a wreath around it. It was so glorious. I looked
down to see my cock getting very hard. I wrapped my towel around it ver
tightly to keep it down. I needed a shower so that I could have a nice long

I neared the shower area, following the beautifully smooth ass of my crush
(who was still naked). His cock swung back and forth as he walked. As I
stepped into the steamy hall, I noticed that all the showers were taken and
there was a line. It was like heaven for me, because most of the guys took
their showers with the curtains open, and some shared showers(to speed up
time- i’m sure they were all straight). I was going to have to wait. But
at least I’d wait with a gorgeous hunk in front of me. Finally, after what
seemed like hours of gazing at his cock, and getting hornier and hornier, I
needed to jack off so badly that I couldn’t stand it. There was one shower
left and the hunk in front of me was going to get it.

Then, he turned around, and I could see his cock was slightly hard. “Do
you want to share it with me?” he said. I wasn’t sure what to say- I
wanted to jack off in private, and I didn’t want him to see my boner, but
then again the hottest guy in school was asking me to go into a shower with
him naked. I finally agreed. I could jackoff another time but I may never
get to share a shower with this hunk. As I stepped in, he closed the shower
curtain. His cock was now very hard and it was hitting his 8-pack. I
unwrapped my towel and my dick did the same thing. He smiled and said,

“I hope you don’t mind-” and he pointed to his cock, “I really need to,
uh, yeah, you know” he smiled again.

“No problem” i said. “I need to as well”. He turned on the shower and
let the water hit his cock. I did the same thing, and our asses were
touching. This made me even harder. I began to rub my fist up and down my
shaft, and he soon followed. I ran my finger around my pisshole, and waves
of pleasure ran through my body. I looked over and I saw that he had taken
some soap and was using it as lubricant. This made me even more excited. I
turned my attention back to my own cock and I smiled. I began to alternate
squeezing my balls and rubbing my shaft. I put my fingers underneath my
cock, at the base, and I squeezed. I took my other had, licked the two
first fingers, and stuck them up my ass.

This sent me over the edge. My hips moved back and forth as I enjoyed
the amazing feeling. Soon after, I shot my load. My hard cock jerked
forward and 3 or 4 shots of thick, juicy cum hit the tile walls, the floor,
the shower head, and even some on my hottie. Not long after he shot his own
load- about 6 or 7 small bursts of cum, rocketing around the stall. We
could hear the other guys turning off their showers. We cleaned ourselves
off in the shower, smiling at looking at each others semi-hard cocks. We
never told anyone about our adventure. But I still have amazing orgasms
remembering that day- and that guy.

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