Gym Night

A Night at the Gym

Corey Peters took a deep breath as he walked into the gym, knowing that he
would probably see some people that he knew here. Setting his gym bag on a
shelf in the corner, Corey made his way to the bench and began stacking
weights onto the machine, getting ready for a long workout regimen.
18-years-old and still in high school, this was Corey’s first time at the
gym alone, and he was a little nervous that people would laugh at him
because he couldn’t lift what most of the other people in the gym were
lifting. With an angular face, full lips and a perfect nose, Corey had been
told that he was very good looking. A track team all-star, Corey was in
great shape already, with perfect muscle tone and washboard abs, Corey was
only going to the gym to bulk up for wrestling tryouts.

What Corey didn’t realize, however, was that as soon as he had walked into
the gym, he was being watched. Corey’s friend had told him about this gym,
which was located downtown and close to his parents place. What Corey’s
friend didn’t tell him was that the gym was primarily gay. Corey wasn’t
even out of the closet yet, but his friend had taken it into his own hands
and sent him there, hoping that something interesting would happen.

As Corey started to bench, he began to feel like he was being watched. At
first he thought he was just being paranoid, but he looked out of the
corner of his eye and saw a huge bodybuilder staring at him while the guy
curled a hundred pounds. Corey met the guy’s eyes and felt an electric
tingle as the guy stopped mid-curl, crooking an eyebrow. Corey snapped his
gaze back to the barbells, sweat beginning to form on his sculpted
chest. As he was struggling to put the barbell back on the bench, two
strong hands came into his vision and grabbed the barbell, helping him set
it back into its slot. Corey followed the hands to the blonde bodybuilder,
who was smiling suggestively.

boysuck“I thought you might need some help,” the guy said.

Corey’s throat suddenly became very dry. “Yeah, thanks dude. That last set
was brutal.” His voice cracked as the guy put his hand over his own.

“Glad I could help, I’m Bjorn,” he said with a very deep Swedish accent.

“I’m Corey…and likewise,” Corey said as he tried to ignore the growing
bulge in his tight gym shorts. Bjorn obviously wasn’t ignoring it.

“You’re all sweaty, why don’t we go rinse all of that off?” Bjorn said.

Corey froze, the back of his neck tingling as he realized what the guy was
offering. Something inside him was screaming to run, to get away from
this. But another part knew that this was what he had wanted ever since he
could jerk off. He looked up at Bjorn and smiled weakly, getting up from
the bench and following him toward the back of the gym. Corey looked back
once, to make sure no one was watching them. No one seemed to have even
noticed as they went through two large double doors and entered a large
tiled locker room. Bjorn grabbed his hand and brought him over to the
showers, turning them all on.

As steam began to rise from the floor tiles Bjorn pulled Corey over to him
and kissed him roughly on the lips. Corey froze at first, surprised by the
sudden action. But as Bjorn’s hands encircled him and began pressing into
his back Corey began to kiss back. His hands, which had been held rigidly
at his side now slowly reached around Bjorn’s broad back and began kneading
his muscled shoulders. Steam shrouded the room in a thick cloud and Corey
began to breath harder. Their kissing became more intense as Bjorn in one
single motion tore Corey’s shirt off, throwing it to the wet floor and
exposing his lean torso.

Corey’s abs glistened in the dim bathroom light with sweat and beaded steam
as Bjorn moved his hands down Corey’s lithe back and into his tight gym
shorts, feeling Corey’s perfect round ass. Corey quivered with anticipation
while Bjorn began kissing his neck and licking the beaded sweat off his
chest. A low moan escaped Corey’s pursed lips and he ran his hands through
his now wet hair, Bjorn working his way over Corey’s flexing pecs and down
to his washboard abs. Corey grabbed the back of Bjorn’s shaved head and
moaned again, the bulge in his pants throbbing each time Bjorn kneaded his
tight ass, working his way to Corey’s virgin asshole.

Bjorn pulled his tight gym shorts over Corey’s bubble-butt, but they got
caught on his now hard 8 inch cock. Bjorn yanked them down, and Corey’s cut
cock sprang free so hard that it slapped his pubic bone. Glistening pre-cum
mingled with the now-steamy air as Bjorn grabbed his cock and began jerking

“You are fuckin’ hot,” Bjorn grunted as he stood up and ripped his tight
tank top off, exposing a slightly furred blonde chest and huge, 42 inch
pecs. Without another word, Bjorn pulled Corey into one of the
still-running showers, turning him around and pressing him against the tile
wall. Bjorn’s cock was sticking out of the side of his thigh-high running
shorts. It wasn’t as long as Corey’s but it was thick and veined, with a
huge bulbous head. Corey looked back uncertainly, a questioning look in his
bright blue eyes.

“I’ve never done anything like this before,” he said quietly over the
running water.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle,” Bjorn’s accent was thick with passion as he
ran his hands over Corey’s wet back and ass, finally coming to rest on his
hips. Bjorn reached down and pulled his shorts off, dropping them with a
wet plop to the floor. He then positioned himself behind Corey, who wiped
sweat from his eyes and moaned as Bjorn began rubbing the head of his dick
over Corey’s round ass. Water sluiced down his back as Bjorn’s huge
mushroom head rubbed on his puckered asshole. Corey gasped as Bjorn thrust
his hips forward slowly, popping the head into his virgin asshole.

Using the water from the shower as lubrication, Bjorn began moving in and
out of Corey’s tight asshole, stretching it as he did so. Corey threw his
head back and let out a loud moan, arching his back and reaching behind him
to grab the back of Bjorn’s flexing ass. With each thrust, Corey backed up
on Bjorn’s thick cock, becoming more and more animated with each passing
minute. A wet slapping noise punctuated each thrust, and Corey’s ass
muscles shook as Bjorn began to move faster. Bjorn began grunting
rhythmically, reaching around Corey’s body and grabbing his rock hard dick,
jerking it off as he gyrated his hips, working over Corey’s ass from
behind. Bjorn felt Corey’s cock throb as he moved his hand from cock to
pubic area, pressing on Corey’s mound hard. At this point Bjorn was
slamming Corey’s ass so hard that he could feel his cock through Corey’s

Without a word Bjorn pulled out, making Corey gasp. He then pushed Corey
roughly to the hard ground and brought his legs up over his head, holding
them with both arms and shoving his wet dick back up Corey’s puckered
asshole. Corey cried out as Bjorn braced himself by holding onto his legs
and pounded him, completely dominating the 18-year-old virgin. Their sweat
mingled in the steam as their breath came out faster. Corey jerked his dick
in tune with each hard thrust from Bjorn, and they both began grunting even
louder. Bjorn was fucking Corey so hard, his muscled body rippling, that he
was pushing Corey along the hard tiled floor. Corey’s eyes were closed in
ecstasy, his moans coming faster as Bjorn gritted his teeth in effort.

Corey’s voice sounded shook as he screamed, “I’m gonna cum! Oh GOD! I’m
gonna cum!”

“Spray that cum all over my hairy chest!” Bjorn yelled.

Corey’s whole body tensed as he grabbed his huge cock in both hands and
sprayed his load so hard it went over Bjorn’s shoulder and some hit Bjorn
in the face. With each spurt of white fluid, Bjorn felt Corey’s ass muscles
grab harder onto his pumping dick, and almost at the same time, Bjorn
shoved his dick deep into Corey’s ass, shooting his load as he pushed
Corey’s legs back to let him go in all the way. His grunts as he came
echoed throughout the bathroom as he collapsed over Corey, letting the
boy’s legs fall to the ground.

They both caught their breath for a couple minutes, and then Bjorn sighed
and got up, turning off the showers and picking up his wet clothes.

“Hope you brought a change of clothes,” Bjorn laughed as Corey slowly sat
up from the floor. “These are a little wet.”

Corey nodded his head yes and sat there for a couple seconds more, and then
got up to throw some clothes on. A wall of steam followed him and Bjorn as
they left the bathroom, and Corey smiled as he made his way back to his
car. He would have to thank his friend for recommending this gym, and he
was sure he would come back again.