Nylon Brief Encounters


By JUSTIN SHORTS ([email protected])

When Jamie landed the Saturday job at the local branch of a well-known
chain of clothes shops, he was not over-keen at the prospect. Although he
needed money badly, the idea of standing behind a till for hours on end was
not his idea of fun. And although he was only 18, he had big ideas for
himself, and somehow felt that he could do better than shop work. On the
other hand, he persuaded himself that this was only at weekends, that all
his friends had jobs, and needs must.

It was quite a small branch in a provincial town. There was a small
nucleus of full- time staff for weekday business, but as most trade was
done on Saturdays quite a lot of hourly-paid staff were brought in then.
There was a fairly large section for women, and a smaller men’s unit
upstairs where he was based. Jamie was an intelligent, alert lad, with
sharp features and short fair hair. He was a keen sportsman – he was in
his school soccer first 11 – and aiming towards university. His teachers
had encouraged him to think about applying for one of the better provincial
universities. His parents were proud of this ambition, not having been
particularly well-educated themselves, and were determined to make
financial sacrifices for him. But there were also two younger brothers to
consider, and Jamie accepted that he must play his part too in trying to
get some finances together.

Jamie had a secret. At least, it was something that he felt he could not
tell his parents about, although most of his friends were aware that he was
gay. His experience was limited, partly because of the provincial
attitudes of the small English town where he lived and went to school. But
something exceptional had happened to him to persuade him of his sexuality
a few months before, just before his eighteenth birthday. It had occurred
after school one Wednesday in November, after sports afternoon, when he was
passing the changing room used by the visiting team from a nearby sixth
form college. He had been late showering and changing and was preparing to
leave, assuming that everyone else had already gone. His sports bag was
hooked over his shoulder as he passed the small glass panel in the changing
room door. A slight movement from within caused him to pause and look
though the glass.

At first he thought that he must have been mistaken, and that there was
nobody inside. But then there was the strange muffled sound again. He
moved up close to the door and peered through into the gloomy interior.
Nothing. And then he saw a faint movement in the far corner leading round
to the shower area. He peered again. This time there was no mistake.
Someone seemed to be sitting on the wooden bench, though they were almost
entirely obscured from view. All he could make out was the person’s right
leg, which appeared to be naked. But now he could distinctly hear the
faint signs of moaning. Was the person unwell?

Some instinct told him that he should go into the changing room quietly,
and afterwards he wondered about this. If he had really thought someone
was ill, why the need for discretion? The door opened quietly, and he
slipped into the room.
At once he was able to see that there were two people, both with their
backs to him, not just the one. A few steps took him right inside, and
unless they turned round he was invisible to them. He thought that he
recognised one of the boys from the visiting team, a good-looking lad,
fair-haired like himself. But surely the other person was his own team
coach, Mr Anderson, a teacher of about 24 or so. The boy was naked except
for his shorts. At first Jamie thought that the teacher was completely
naked, then saw that he was wearing just a white jockstrap. And there was
no doubt about it. The man had his hand over the front of the youngster’s
red nylon shorts and was feeling him through the shiny material, whilst the
boy in turn was firmly stroking his teacher in the bulging white jock. The
moans were being produced by the teacher, it seemed.

For a minute, Jamie was rooted to the spot. He had been completely thrown
off guard and yet at the same time he couldn’t take his eyes off the scene
in front of him. He had a huge respect for his coach, Mr Andersen. They got
on really well, and often had a good chat on the bus to away matches. Jamie
admired him, but at the same time in the last few months had realised that
he was attracted to him as well. A few weeks ago, at an away match, the
coach had had to share their changing facilities, and the sight of this guy
next to him in the showers had been a huge thrill. Jamie recognised the
feeling as he stared at the tight straps of the jock.

Jamie knew he couldn’t stay there. He also knew he should slip out of the
door as quietly as he had come. But it was an instant decision instead, to
step across the short distance to the store cupboard on his left. The whole
layout of the locker room was second nature to Jamie, and he knew that from
there he could continue to watch the action and remain unseen from the two
of them.

In fact, this gave Jamie a whole new angle. He’d guessed that the lad was
from the visiting team from his glistening red shorts. His own team always
wore blue. But now he could see for sure it was Danny Mathesen. Jamie
knew Danny quite well because he lived quite close to the school and
wouldn’t have to catch the coach home like the rest of his team mates. His
classic good looks and floppy fair hair made him a popular kid, and he had
a broad smile across his face. His legs were spread wide as the older guy
fondled the huge bulge which tented the front of the red nylon fabric. He
leaned back on the bench, letting go of the teacher’s bulging pouch, and
supported himself with his hands, closing his eyes. Mr Anderson knelt
between the teenager’s legs and leant forward, his lips closing around one
of the nipples on Danny’s flat chest. The lad sighed, ‘Oh yeah! Mmmmmm…’

Jamie realised that he had unconsciously slipped his own hand inside the
zipper of his own jeans and begun to work on his rock hard cock through the
soft nylon of his blue briefs. The sight of his teacher, and the lad, and
the locker room seemed so unreal, and yet so right somehow. As he watched,
the coach slipped down the lad’s body until his mouth reached the huge
bulge in his shorts. The outline of the boy’s cock was quite clear in the
shiny fabric, and a dark patch had formed in the nylon at the
knobhead. Jamie gasped as the teacher nibbled along the length, feeling the
shorts as he did it, then up to the lad’s chest, feeling him all over. The
sight was awesome for Jamie, but more than that, he imagined feeling that
smooth shiny material himself, but even more wanted to be the one being
serviced by the coach.

Jamie was unable to take his eyes off the action in front of him, confident
that the players were completely unaware that he was watching their every
stroke. He felt so horny, so turned-on, so conscious of his own feelings –
he was well-aware that a huge damp patch had formed in the front of his own
sexy briefs, but it seemed right, good, wonderful. And as he watched,
longing for more, the teacher, clearly experienced, knowing what would come
next, gently lifted the waistband of the red soccer shorts, and edged them
downwards to reveal the glistening, smooth red head of the boy’s cock.

Jamie gasped. It looked huge to him. The waistband of the shorts tucked
under Danny’s balls and the shaft stood out, solid as iron. And he knew
what was next as the coach leant forward, towards the teenager, hiding him
from view. Jamie could only imagine the sensation, the older guy enjoying
the boy’s cock, and the youngster completely overwhelmed by the sensation
of an experienced man taking control of his hard shaft.

The man’s head began gradually to slide down the quivering shaft, then up,
and down, beginning a regular motion in rhythm with the lad’s breathing and
gasping. And as the teacher’s head bobbed up and down, it was clear his
hand was working inside his jockstrap, frisking his own cock towards a hot
climax. Jamie’s teencock throbbed and pulsed, and it seemed only seconds
before young Danny gasped and yelled and bucked his hips into the teacher’s
face in a huge climax. At the same time, the older guy froze, his body
engulfed by his own orgasm.

Jamie’s throbbing cock felt suddenly and wonderfully tight within the
confines of his blue nylon briefs and without another stroke, it began to
squirt load after load of creamy cum into the fabric, even though he was
barely touching it. Jamie felt the warmth of the slippery spunk fill his
briefs and it felt good in his hand as it oozed through the material. He
reached out to hold himself up against the wall of the store room,
regaining his breath as his legs shook beneath him.

He was not sure how much noise he had made – he looked up to see whether he
had been discovered. But no – the young footie player was lying on the
bench, his athletic body shiny with a layer of sweat, the red nylon shorts
still half way down his muscular thighs and the front of the shiny surface
covered in glistening splashes of a big load of boycum.

Mr Andersen stood up, the big wet patch of his own spunk soaking through
the bulging jock. He reached out and rubbed the side of Danny’s face
affectionately: ‘Thanks Danny – catch you again next time’. The lad
grinned broadly.

Jamie stood still – he was desperate to make sure that he did not spoil his
jeans, but he didn’t want to be discovered either. He didn’t have to wait
long before Danny sprang to his feet. His teen cock still hard from the
recent suck session, hung down between his footballer’s legs and he slid
the red shorts down and off. Then he did something else which surprised and
thrilled Jamie; he lifted the nylon shorts to his face and pressed the damp
patch to his nose. It lasted just a moment, but to Jamie it seemed so sexy,
so right – what he had seen was two guys really enjoying themselves, no
harm done, and he knew he wanted the same.

Danny grabbed the towel behind him and headed for the shower area. Jamie
took his chance and slipped out of the storeroom, and quietly out of the
locker room to the toilets next door to clean himself up.


Jamie had thought about the incident many times since; in fact he had a lot
of pleasure replaying the scene through his mind. And he thought about it
again as he dressed himself in his smartest clothes ready for his first day
at the clothes shop.
One of the things that he most enjoyed about recalling the episode was
the moment of his own orgasm, and the sensation he experienced as his blue
nylon briefs had filled with his warm spunk. As he had gone home on the
bus that night, having cleaned off the cum that had oozed through his
briefs, he was surprised to find how horny he still felt. He had changed
out of the damp cum-soaked briefs when he got home and had hidden them
carefully away rather than giving them to his mum to wash! Better do these
myself, he thought. For weeks afterwards, his best wanking sessions had
been when wearing either a pair of briefs, preferably nylon (he had a
couple of pairs), or his soccer shorts (doubtless inspired by the memory of
Danny’s shiny red ones). Before going to bed at night he would slip on a
fresh pair of briefs, sometimes cotton, more often silk or nylon, and
before going to sleep he would lie there in the dark and gently bring
himself off to a climax, stroking his hard teenshaft beneath the stretched
fabric, enjoying the tension of his rod trapped and tingling, bubbling
towards its explosion of hot young cum. He knew that this was all because
of what he had seen, that it had changed him perhaps for life, that the
best sex for him needed to involve the process of undressing and underwear
play. All he needed now was to find someone who shared this obsession, and
he thought that was going to be pretty hard to achieve. He had not heard
of other lads wanking in their pants!

Being an intelligent boy, Jamie quickly settled into the routines of his
shop job. The assistant manager, Alan, was quite young, no more than
twenty-five, and good looking. He required the staff to wear clothes from
the shop’s range, which Jamie found a but ironic as he had made a big
effort to wear some of his best gear, but as he was going to be working in
the sports section on his first Saturday Alan decided that he must be
kitted out appropriately. However, with Saturday being the busiest day of
the week, there was no time to get this sorted out during opening hours, so
Alan said that they would need to spend some time together after they had
closed. Jamie rang his mum on his mobile during his break, just to say
that he would be a bit later home than he had thought.

Saturday was also late opening, so it was gone 7.00 when finally the doors
were locked. Alan had to do some cashing up first, and asked Jamie to tidy
up some of the racks in the sports section and perhaps to start looking for
things that he might fancy wearing the next week. During the day Jamie had
already noticed things that he liked, and others that he wouldn’t be seen
dead in. He wondered whether he should go for a basic tracksuit, or maybe
jogging bottoms with a white tee, but then there was the range of shorts to
consider. He quite fancied the idea of wearing white nylon shorts, but
thought Alan might consider that too informal. He was fingering a pair on
the racks when Alan came up to him.

‘D’you fancy those?’

‘Well, I was just wondering whether you might feel they were a bit too
casual for work.’

‘Look son, we’re trying to encourage customers to buy things that look good
on people, and I’m sure they’d be good on you. Try them on. And take this
white teeshirt too’. Alan indicated a changing room in the corner.

Jamie took the pair of white nylon shorts from the rack, checked the size –
28 waist – and took them over to the changing room. He unbuckled his black
trousers and dropped them to the floor, and also pulled off his open-necked
white shirt. He pulled the shorts and tee-shirt on, and they felt good.
He went back out to show Alan, who was looking through other possible items
of clothing for Jamie to try out.

‘Hey, they look great on you. Nice legs!’

Jamie blushed. He wasn’t sure if Alan was taking the piss, or if he was
genuinely admiring him.

‘They seem the right size. Not too tight at the waist, are they?’

‘No, they’re my size – I checked.’

‘They seem nicely, umm, well nicely filled at the front, if you get my

Jamie was now bright red. He had himself noticed that his mound was well
cupped at the front, and had been pleased with the effect, but the last
thing he had expected was for his boss to comment so directly!

‘Oh, err, sorry. A bit much, you think? Shall I try something else?’

‘Not on my account, kid. Look, all the lads want to think they’re going to
look sexy wearing the stuff they buy here. That’s what it’s all about. If
they come in and see someone cute like you looking like that, it’s going to
do no harm at all to trade. Believe me. But look, now you’ve started on
shorts why not try out another pair or two as we’re here. How about

He handed a light blue pair of silk shorts to Jamie who turned to head back
to the changing room again. ‘Oh, change them here. No need to be shy in
front of me – and definitely nothing to be shy about under there, I’m

Jamie smiled and put the new blue shorts on the rack beside him, and
started removing the white ones. They slipped down his legs, so that he
stood before Alan in just briefs and tee.

‘Hey Jamie, what are those?’ Alan’s voice had changed imperceptibly.
Jamie saw that Alan’s eyes were transfixed by the sight of his briefs.
They were the same pale blue nylon briefs he had worn that memorable day in
the changing room – he had worn them for luck on this his first day. ‘Are
they nylon, or silk? It’s really hard to find decent nylon briefs these
days – though I have managed to find a supplier for those few customers who
seek them out. But I’m not familiar with those. What are they? Is there
a label at the back?’

‘I’m not sure, I think so. To be honest, I don’t know the make.’

‘Let me see if I can read the label. Come over here.’

Jamie walked the few steps over to Alan, and turned his back so that he
could check the label on the inside rear waist. He felt Alan’s fingers
turn the waist band of the blue briefs down gently, to read the label.
Even that slight touch was like electricity passing through him.

‘Hey, they’re really good quality. Fucking sexy too, if I might say. No
wonder you were filling out those shorts a moment ago. Turn round again.
Yes, look how they support you at the front – what a bulge. A talented
boy, obviously!’ Alan’s praise was really exciting Jamie, who knew that
they were entering dangerous territory, but it was one he was only too
willing to explore.

‘They’re nice and shiny, too. Soft to the touch, yes?’

Jamie said nothing, but nodded.

‘Yeah, I bet they are. Soft and silky on that young cock of yours. Mind
if I just check if I’m right?’

Again, Jamie did not speak. His silence spoke volumes.



‘I just want to feel for a moment, to see how that soft mound presses
through the shiny blue nylon. See how it catches the light in here, and
glistens? Sit by me here.’

Jamie and Alan sat together on the bench at the back of the shop. Alan
slipped his hand between Jamie’s legs, and Jamie in turn opened his legs
wide to receive the gentle invader. Alan covered the still soft bulge made
by his warm cock and balls, heavy in the blue nylon, and sighed gently as
he made contact with the willing boy.

‘Mmm, that feels good, I must say, really good. Nice and warm. God,
you’ve got quite a handful down there Jamie. All soft and giving.’

Jamie rested his hands on the bench either side of him, and lent back a

‘OK?’ asked Alan.

‘Yeah, fine,’ said Jamie, giving Alan the go-ahead he craved.

The older man began to work gently on the boy’s nylon-covered package,
pressing and feeling the youngster’s knob beneath the sexy nylon. Now
Jamie began to harden, and felt to blood pump into his cock. Alan did not
for a moment stop rubbing him up, working the swelling shaft beneath the
soft blue fabric. ‘That’s it Jamie, I want to feel your cock grow really
big in those fantastic briefs. Show me how big you can get it.’

Jamie happily obliged. He had never felt anything as horny as this before.
Even that memorable changing room scene now seemed pale in comparison.
This was a real guy, wanting him, and more than that, getting him off in
his briefs! Jamie was now fully hard, and Alan maneuvered his cock from
outside the nylon so that his cockhead was pointing upwards, the full
length of his teenshaft clearly shaped through the briefs. A drip of
precum honey made a dark stain at the top. Alan now began to agitate the
underside of the shaft with a gently frigging motion, and Jamie moaned with

Without for a moment relaxing in his attentions to the teenager, Alan
managed to unzip his own dark trousers and pull them open.

‘Look Jamie, surprise, eh?’

Jamie looked across, and through Alan’s gaping fly he could see that his
boss was wearing a pair of see-thru mesh nylon briefs, revealing a cock as
hard and hot as his own. And with a flash of understanding Jamie realised
that he was not alone – he had found a guy who sex in nylon briefs as sexy
as he did himself. It was if his prayers had been answered.

Alan’s cock looked awesome, encased in the mesh material – neatly tucked
inside, but everything viewable through the see-thru style. Jamie had seen
many lads in the showers, and often checked out their tackle, but he’d seen
few hard cocks, and this one looked so good. He felt the surge of emotion
that he’d felt when he’d seen his teacher’s jock. His boss was not quite as
big as his teacher, but his shaft was totally rock hard, and where he had
been leaking, and the precum couldn’t be absorbed by the mesh material, the
skin was shiny and attractive.

‘Oh wow, mate, that looks wonderful!’

Jamie reached out to slide his hand inside the fly of his boss. He just had
to feel as well as see that treasure. It felt warm, and slightly damp –
steely hard and yet silky to the touch as well.

‘Yeah mate’ moaned Alan ‘I knew you’d like what you saw. Feel my hot cock.
Looks good in these pants, eh?’

tumblr_mls4vgJdxd1soy9d8o1_500Jamie began to massage the length up and down with the palm of his hand,
gently grabbing the shaft from time to time. But he wanted more and with a
flick, the top catch was released and Alan’s trousers dropped half-way down
his thighs. Jamie liked what he saw – it looked like the guy played
football, or went running.



He had thick thighs, slightly hairy, but the
bulge in his underwear was truly amazing to see, and Jamie, getting more
sure of himself, reached round to feel the guy’s hard butt in the tight,
mesh underwear.

‘Looks like we have the same taste’ said Alan. ‘And the same size – you
fancy trying these on?’

Jamie was feeling so horny, and he didn’t really know what the next step
should be. The idea of trying on those sexy undies appealed enormously and
maybe Alan really was most interested in garments for the shop and for his
staff to wear. His thought about how Danny had been stretched out on that
locker room bench, his cock standing up to attention – and how much he’d
wanted to see it close up, taste it, suck it!

But already, Alan had removed his trousers, and as he pulled out the
waistband of his briefs to ease it over the bulge, his cock sprang free. He
grinned back at Jamie:

‘C’mon mate, no harm in swapping!’

He reached out to Jamie and worked both hands over the smooth nylon of his
briefs. Then sliding a hand down inside the back, he pulled them down,
gently unhooking them from the front, and pushing them down to join Jamie’s
jeans half way down his legs. Bending down, Jamie pulled everything down
and off.

‘Here let me’ said Alan, and kneeling down in front of Jamie, he presented
his own briefs for the lad to step into. ‘This lad is so sexy’ thought Alan
as he tucked the boy’s teencock snuggly inside the mesh fabric. The shaft
bulged the briefs obscenely and the fat head, lying against the damp patch
Alan had already made, was shiny and wet as it produced yet more precum.

Still kneeling, Alan reached out to run his hands up and down the lad’s
thighs; then he leant forward, enjoying the aroma of young teen sweat and
sexy man smell. His tongue reached for the bulging crotch and ran the
length of the shaft, relishing the tang of teen juices. Then gently he
began to nibble the thickness while he massaged the big boy-nuts, tight
inside the profile of the briefs.

Jamie was loving this. He loved knowing he was wearing someone else’s sexy
briefs. And he loved the new feelings he was experiencing as this young
guy worked his cock.

‘Oh mate – that feels so, so good. Work my cock – that’s awesome’

Jamie’s cock was leaking so much that some was dribbling along the shaft
and making the briefs even wetter, combining with Alan’s spit. The whole
length was clearly outlined by the wet fabric, fat and long and ever so
tasty. Jamie had slipped down the bench a little, his legs wide-spread –
Alan dropped to his knees, and maneuvered himself between the lad’s
muscular thighs until his own rock hard dick was lined up against the thick
outline of Jamie’s in the mesh. He grabbed both cocks together, and began
to gently massage them together, nylon on nylon, slick and slippery. Jamie
went wild – he threw his head back, moaning and groaning, and thrusting his
arse upwards forcing his crotch into Alan’s hand.

The feeling of the damp mesh against his shaft was too much for Alan – he
knew he would need to shoot soon and much as he wanted this to last, he
somehow knew he would be having many more experiences with this lad’s
underwear and sports kit! With his left hand he reached beneath Jamie’s
throbbing rod to massage his nuts through the fabric of his own briefs (he
loved the thought of this teen wearing his own underwear) – they felt heavy
and full, and Alan knew well the feeling of always being ready to unload

‘Jamie, you’re so hot’ he moaned ‘and you’re making me so horny in those
undies, I fucking need to shoot my spunk. Hope you’re ready for…’

Before he could finish, Alan felt the lad’s shaft swell and throbbed even

‘Oh Christ…’

…and he came – a huge damp patch of the lad’s cum soaked the mesh,
quickly leaking through, and the feeling of the fabric and the dripping
load of boyspunk, slicking up Alan’s cock, was too much for him. His own
first shot covered Jamie’s belly, and the remaining six or seven covered
the mesh underwear until it was completely soaking with warm creamy spunk.

Jamie collapsed against the bench and Alan dropped to the floor in
satisfied exhaustion. Neither guy spoke for a while, catching their breath
from the excitement of horny sex. Alan glanced up at this young
teen-stud. His legs were still out-stretched and there was still a bulge in
his cum-drenched underwear. Jamie’s blue nylon briefs were discarded on the
floor and Alan smiled, knowing he’d be seeing a lot more of them!

For a few moments Jamie felt dazed, intoxicated, and tried to make sense of
the last minutes. Of one thing he was certain – what had just happened was
the most important experience he had yet had in his young life, and he knew
that it was a turning point. It was what he had been waiting for. It
began to make sense of the locker-room scene, of his fetish for shorts and
briefs, of his overwhelming need to find other people who could explain all
that to him. Alan was a good-looking guy, he was young, he was horny, but
most important of all he liked what Jamie liked, and could give the
teenager what he had been craving.

‘You OK mate?’ asked Alan, aware that the boy was lost in himself. ‘No
regrets, I hope?’

Jamie smiled broadly. ‘Fuck, no. Far from it. In fact I was just
thinking that this is the last thing that I would have imagined happening
on my first day at work.
And also that it’s the best thing ever that has happened!’

Alan was reassured. Although of course far more experienced than Jamie, he
also found it hard to believe just what a natural the kid was. It was rare
for youngsters to share his fascination with bulging briefs, with shiny
nylon shorts, and with the explosive orgasms that he enjoyed most when
still dressed in a pair of skimpy speedos or the gossamer wisp of a nylon
thong. He knew that he and Jamie were going to get on just fine, and that
they could look forward together to rather more leisurely sessions of slow
stripping, of mutual fondling through their carefully-chosen briefs, of
long-sustained masturbation sessions on the sofa of his flat, of 69-ing, of
leisurely feasting on precum nectar and warm spunk cream chasers, all this
stretched ahead in an almost unimaginable picture of sensuality and lust.

‘Look Jamie, you’ve done well for your first day. And I don’t just mean
the last half hour – you worked well too. You clean up and get off home
now. And thanks.
It’s been great. You have a good future with us here. But look,
tomorrow’s Sunday, and I’d like to thank you properly for what you’ve just
done. So why not come over to my flat for a drink in the afternoon, about
4.00. Can you manage that?’

Jamie agreed without hesitation.

‘Good. And I think we know what we both like. But it’s a chance for us
both to explore. So bring whatever you fancy most to wear – if you need to
you can change at the flat. Bring plenty of things. As sexy as you like.
And I’ve got a few things too I’d like to try out on you!’

Jamie nodded. Yes, all his dreams were coming true at once. It was his
opportunity to give life to the fantasies that preoccupied so many of his
waking hours.

‘Yes. I’d like that, thanks. But I do have some homework to get done for
school for Monday. So if I’m a bit after 4.00 will that be alright?’

‘Homework, oh fantastic. We can do a school fantasy. Bring it with you,
and we can pretend that I’m your teacher helping you after school with a
bit of special tuition. This gets better and better!’


Jamie turned up early the next day – so much for possibly being late
because of his homework! He had taken Alan at his word, and brought one or
two school books with him, though actually his work was finished. But he
felt a few props might be a good idea! He had thought long and hard about
what to wear. In his bag were a few choice underwear items, and he had in
the end decided to wear his school soccer kit, but he thought that Alan
might have expected him in uniform so he brought that too in the bag, black
trousers, white shirt, and school tie, just in case. But he wanted to wear
his kit because it linked nicely back to the ever-present memory of Danny
in the locker-room with the coach.

When he opened the door Alan caught his breath at the vision of the healthy
teenboy, the shiny white and red soccer kit sparkling in the brilliant
afternoon sunshine. Jamie had lost any hints of shyness and smiled broadly
as he saw Alan sizing him up.

‘Hope you approve’, he said as he walked up to the first-floor apartment.
Alan followed, eyeing the tight apple-cheeked buttocks pressing through the
nylon shorts on the stair ahead of him.

Jamie did not realize that Alan had similarly thought hard about what he
should wear, settling in the end for rather tight faded blue jeans,
fashionably ripped at the knee, and a white tee, with white socks and

‘I thought you might like to sit at the table, here, so that you can
complete your homework’, said Alan, indicating a table with two chairs next
to each other.
‘How has it been going?’

Jamie smiled, realising that the fun was already under way. ‘Oh, not bad,
but I have got stuck on a problem that I hope you can help me with. It’s
very hard.’

Alan took the cue. ‘Hard, eh? Why not show me what’s bothering you?’

They sat in the adjacent chair, and Jamie fished out the school books from
the bag. As he opened it, Alan caught a glimpse of the polyester school
tie, and then the white shirt. He had an agonised moment – should he get
Jamie to change now into his uniform, or did he want him in his kit? The
problem was, he wanted both, but decided that the uniform would have to

They spent a token few moments looking blindly at the open books, and then
Alan slid his hand across and rested it on the boy’s warm naked thigh.
Immediately, Jamie swung his legs wide apart, ready for more serious
investigations. They both heard the inviting swish of the shiny nylon
shorts moving against the chair. Under the table, Alan’s hand continued
its gentle but insistent work, moving up the lad’s thigh and sliding over
the front of the warm nylon shorts. Jamie pretended to concentrate hard on
his work, apparently oblivious to everything else. Alan was very excited
by the whole scenario, his own cock already full and hard in his jeans. He
was suddenly aware of Jamie’s hand leaving the table, slipping beneath, and
touching the edge of his jeans, before moving to the top of his thigh.
They both stared blankly at the open page of the book, not wanting to break
the spell, aware of the gently investigating hand of the other about to
start its serious work.

Jamie turned slightly towards Alan, to ease his new friend’s access to his
shiny shorts, but also so he could glance downwards beneath the table and
watch his own hand as it rested on Alan’s thigh, now near his fly. The
tight blue fabric of the jeans already showed the hard swollen cock
beneath, urgent for attention. Jamie knew that his own young cock was
burgeoning in his soccer shorts, but he had briefs on under them so that
his mound was bulging in the constraint of its soft silky prison. He
suddenly felt a bit nervous as his fingers toyed with the zip of Alan’s
fly. At that moment, Alan shifted in his seat just a fraction, turning
inwards towards the younger boy.

‘Take your time’ whispered Alan, then returned to studying Jamie’s exercise
book. ‘Ah yes, I think I can see where you have come unstuck’ he said out
loud, determined to maintain the role play for at least a bit longer. Have
another go at this problem here, and I’ll watch you work it out.’

Jamie picked up his pencil, and made as if to work again on the maths
problem, aware however that Alan’s fingers were about to become more
active. Indeed, Alan started to press the soft white nylon of the boy’s
shorts so as to make out the shape of his knob, running the palm of his
hand gently up and down the trapped length, enjoying the swish and slight
crackle of the glistening nylon against his own skin.

‘Good boy, that seems to be coming along fine now. I think we’ve reached
the hard bit.’

The stroking was more insistent, and the youngster’s breathing became
sharper. The feel of his knob being frisked in his shorts was so exciting.
His own fingers now tugged gently at Alan’s fly, and eased it downwards,
the slight buzz of the resistant zip the only sound other than the swishing
nylon of his own shorts. Alan’s zip came downwards, and Jamie slipped his
hand into the open gap. Immediately he made contact with the curly mass of
Alan’s pubic hair, then sliding further downwards he felt soft material,
shiny, flimsy, tight, resistant. He glanced down, but he couldn’t quite
see what Alan had on, but as if reading the boy’s mind Alan raised himself
slightly in his seat, and tugged gently at his jeans to lower them enough
to reveal to Jamie what he was after.

‘What d’ya think?’ he asked.

‘Oh yeah, fuck!’ said Jamie. For he gazed hungrily at the sight which met
his eyes. Alan was wearing a glistening nylon thong, a mere wisp of sheer
material, cream- coloured, hardly big enough to conceal his engorged cock.
He reached out tentatively and touched the shiny bulging packet of hot hard
flesh with his fingertips. It quivered and gave under his touch. The full
fat balls pressed urgently through the tight nylon, filled as they were
with Alan’s thick creamy jizz. Much as he had wanted to, Alan had not
masturbated since their encounter the day before. He had wanted to save
his hot spunk for the teenager.

Alan was transfixed by the double pleasure of having his cockmound explored
by the teenager, whilst gliding his hand over the boy’s eager shaft trapped
loosely beneath the soccer shorts. His skilful caress was able to make out
the double layer of material, and although at this stage he was not certain
exactly what Jamie was wearing he knew that he was pressing into something
soft and giving, a pair of simple cotton briefs perhaps, beneath the
shimmering nylon. That was a nice thought, the idea of boyish white
briefs, maybe, stuffed with the hard cock packet and bulging balls of the
rampant sixth-former.

Alan stretched his legs wide apart, showing himself off to his new
boyfriend. And that’s how he was thinking of Jamie now, not as his newest
seduction but as someone rather more special than that. He wanted this to
be memorable for them both. Jamie’s hand was over Alan’s pulsing thong
now, cupping the heavy ballsac, his fingers pressing and caressing the
pulsing shaft. He could see that Jamie was moving even closer to him,
turning right in to him. They pressed together, Alan’s jeans in a tangle
at his feet, his white tee pulled upwards. In turn, Alan pulled at the red
soccer shirt, tugging it up, exposing the boy’s flawless smooth skin and
flat stomach. Alan’s thong, damp and warm to Jamie’s touch, moved up
against the boy’s shorts. Like an electric charge, both lads felt the
contact of nylon on nylon, and both shuddered involuntarily. Alan’s
hardness pressed firmly into the boy’s centre, but Jamie pushed back, so
that the burgeoning cocks met and pushed, trapped by their nylon
constraints. And then, as of one mind, they closed in a soft kiss,
affectionate and delicate at first, then firmer and more hungry, hotter and
more eager by the second. Their hands were working overtime, feeling each
other up through thong and shorts, the pressing and caressing turning into
wanking strokes.

Alan could resist no longer. He wanted to explore those tantalizing
Swiftly and skillfully – and Jamie was sufficiently perceptive to be able
to acknowledge that Alan was practiced at this – Alan was inside the boy’s
shorts and exploring the material that kept the boy’s last hot secret from
him. He had been wrong in his assumption. The briefs were silk, not
cotton, and by now as hotly damp as Alan’s own wettening thong. The two
young men, as if of one mind, pulled downwards at the soccer shorts. Jamie
pressed his pale blue briefs in an instinctive motion towards Alan, and
Alan as swiftly moved towards the boy, and now nylon thong and silk briefs
kissed in a final ecstatic embrace. Gently grinding together, the two
lovers moved their shuddering cocks, shaft against shaft, lightly sheathed
in their wispy prisons, pushing and pulsing, juicily damp with weeping
precum honey. Silken cobweb strands of pearly liquid sparkled on both
garments, as mound caressed mound, and the precum mingled and mixed. There
was a soft moaning from each of them. Softly whispered ‘ahh yeahs’ and
‘ooh mmms’, barely audible, but the sexier for that, came one moment from
Alan, the next from Jamie. They cooed as one. Alan had about reached that
stage he loved most before orgasm, when his cock reached a kind of tingling
numbness. Now Jamie gave himself up to the skill of the older man,
allowing Alan’s gently insistent pressing together of their cocks to become
the controlling rhythm in their joint masturbation. This was better than
anything Jamie had ever known, could ever have imagined was possible.
First the sight, and now the feel of another guy’s nylon-trapped cockmound
pressed tight against his own silky bulge nearly made him faint. He could
even feel the delicacy of Alan’s foreskin as it peeled back under the
thong, and his own exposed cockhead agitated beneath the silk briefs worked
against the trembling shaft of his new friend.

Two minutes before, Alan had thought of sucking the schoolboy’s cock
through the powder blue silk, encouraging him to munch lightly on his own
nylon lunchbox. Now, it was far too late for that. Now all that Alan
could imagine was the sensation of his imminent orgasm being met with the
surge of boyspunk from the shuddering teenager. The moaning from them both
was louder now, wilder and more uncontrollable. It was time. Alan pressed
his sopping thong a few more times against the sodden pouch, then looked
down and watched the bucking cocks as they began their inevitable final
dance towards climax. He was able to hold back just that moment longer,
able to watch as the kid began to shoot the first shots of thick boycream
into the silk brief, the pearls of young spunk immediately forcing through
the thin mesh of silk, more and more pulses of jizz pumping into the
hugging briefs in a creamy white torrent. Alan could not last until Jamie
had finished, but as soon as the boy’s spunk began to spill from the briefs
he began his own shuddering climax, his carefully-nurtured load of creamy
warm spunk pumping in shuddering spurts into the skimpy nylon pouch,
already wet from Jamie’s overflowing teencum. Jamie was in tears of joy by
this time, the pleasure of his orgasm so overwhelming him, and the
excitement of feeling his partner’s jetting spunk warm pulsing against his
own overflowing briefs just incredible. The potent aroma of fresh cum
filled their nostrils, but more exciting was the feel of the heavy cumloads
in their clinging briefs.

Alan had never had so intense an orgasm. As shot after shot of the hot
spunk surged from him the extreme pleasure made him gasp with joy. But
what gave him the greatest satisfaction was the fact that the boy that he
was pleasuring was getting as much back. Even as he began slowly to calm
down from the frenetic activity of the last ten minutes, he began to
speculate on the hours to come, and found that the image of young Jamie in
his uniform trousers and shirt was already beginning to preoccupy him.

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