Wrestling with Carl

Gay Jock Boy WrestlingWrestling Carl
by Andy Carmichael ([email protected])
This story is fiction. Enjoy!

Wrestling Carl

About a week ago I met Carl in the college gym for practice. We’d both
joined the wrestling club at the start of semester and decided to wrestle
together once a week in addition to the usual classes so as to improve our
technique. We had known each other at school, but not very well, though I’d
always thought he was quite handsome. His parents are from Barbados, but he
was born locally. Both of us are short and slim, much smaller than most of
our contemporaries, so featherweight wrestling seemed a good option for

That evening we had a small mat room to ourselves and just wore shorts to
practise. Carl’s body is dark and hairless, his skin smooth and his torso
well defined. His nipples are large and very dark and his navel protrudes
slightly. My arms are not as muscular as his, but my stomach is lean and my
abs look good. I’m tanned most of the year and dark hairs are beginning to
grow around my nipples and in the centre of my chest. I guess I get that
from my mother’s side of the family as my father is Korean and his body is
almost completely smooth.

Carl and I got to work on the floor, grappling and straining, each trying
to get some advantage. His upper body is stronger than mine but I can often
outwit him with my agility. At one point he threw his left leg in a
semi-circular arc, trying to get out of a hold. My right hand moved to
prevent him and as we rolled my hand slid down his thigh and into the
underside of his y-fronts so that I could feel the soft skin of his balls.
It was only for a moment and I pulled my hand away instinctively, losing
the advantage. The impression, however, stuck in my mind.

We continued grappling then broke and stood to begin again. As we grasped
each other’s hands I noticed that Carl’s cock was stiff in the front of his
shorts. My surprise allowed him to trip my legs and take me down. As he
rolled on top of me I could feel his erection pressing against my thigh and
my own cock began to stiffen in response. At one point as I tried to pin
him, our hardened cocks were pushed against each other and I could feel
that Carl’s was both thick and long. It felt good, but neither of us showed
any sign that we’d registered what was happening. We stopped shortly after,
both sweating and tired. The two of us now had very obvious bulges in the
fronts of our shorts but put on our tracksuits and headed out of the gym
without comment. It was too late for the showers, which left me
disappointed, and we said only a short goodbye outside.

On Tuesday we had another practice. This time we were both in wrestling
trunks, and after the first few grapples Carl rolled the top of his down to
cool off. I followed suit then after a drink of water we resumed holds on
the floor. I got Carl in an arm lock but he spun out of it and moved behind
me, grabbing me round the waist. Then his hand slid down into the front of
my trunks and rested on my cock. I froze. His fingers brushed the length of
it, though it was still flaccid, then he removed his hand and tried to get
a hold on my neck. As he strained to overpower me I could feel his cock
hardening against my back and I was also getting stiff. I tapped twice and
we broke.

Sportswear & Socks BoyWe stood to start again and I could see Carl was fully hard. I grasped his
hands, did a sharp turn and threw him to the floor, then pulled one of his
arms back and put my other arm round his waist. Then deliberately I pushed
my hand down into the front of his trunks and felt the length of his
shaft. It was warm and firm. I wrapped my hand around it and squeezed.


`Kim!’ he said, `What are you up to?’. There was amusement in his voice.

I pressed my now hardened cock against him but did not release my grip on
his. `What are you up to?’

He laughed and I released my hand. We lay facing each other and Carl had a
wide grin on his face. He slid his hand into the front of my trunks and
took hold of my erection. `That feels pretty good.’

Carl pulled the front of my trunks out to take a look at my cock and pushed
my foreskin back, exposing the swollen head. `I’ve been wanting to do this
for a long time.’ His hand slid around and pulled my trunks down, then he
bent down and took my hard-on in his mouth, moving slowly up and down as he
sucked on it, breathing softly and deep. My right hand returned to his
stiff member and I could feel it thickening and moving.

Carl released my stiff cock and pulled my trunks down and off, then got me
to roll onto my stomach and spread my legs. His face plunged into the
cheeks of my rear and I felt his tongue licking and pushing against my
hole, his hand sliding underneath to fondle my balls then along the length
of my erection, pressing and rubbing with his fingers. I could hear him
pulling his own trunks down then he lifted himself up and moved on top of
me, pressing his stiff cock against my backside. His finger pushed into my
hole, probing down and from side to side, pushing in then pulling back and
forth as if to get me used to what was coming. It felt amazing and my cock
was getting harder and straining against the mat. Eventually he withdrew
his finger and pressed the head of his prick against my hole. I felt him
pushing and stretching and took a deep breath to relax. I felt him move
into me. When the head was inside he paused briefly then pushed the whole
of his erection inside, kissing the back of my neck as he did so.

Gay Teen Blow Job`Kim, I really like you man.’ He kissed the back of my neck again as he
began pushing back and forth inside me. I spread my legs a little more and
tried to relax my muscles in order to take the thickness of his cock. I
could feel his abdominal muscles firm and sweaty against my back as he
fucked slowly and steadily, his breath deepening and groaning. When he
released a long sigh and pushed further than before, I felt the hot burst
of his cum squirming its way into the depths of my insides.

He slumped on top of me and kissed my neck and the side of my face. Slowly he withdrew
and I felt as if the whole of my body was emptying out.

Carl rolled onto his side and I moved to lie facing him. He looked tired
and spent, but his face was dreamy and smiling. His cock looked huge and
dark, the whole length of it smeared in cum, still thick and swollen. He
kissed me and smiled again and grabbed my cock, which was still erect and
hungry. `Can I fuck you?’ I was surprised at the whisper in my voice.

He nodded and grabbed his trunks, which were down around his knees, and
slipped them off. `Let’s go over there’ he said, nodding in the direction
of one of the vaulting boxes over by the wall. We left our wrestling trunks
on the floor and walked over to the nearest box. Carl’s cock was hanging
down, still enlarged, while mine was up and keen for more. Carl bent over
the vaulting box and spread his legs. I was too turned on to waste more
time, so just prodded his hole with my fingers for a short while then
pressed my glans against it. I was surprised how easily I slid in, burying
the length of my hard cock deep into his rectum. His muscles gripped me
hard. I began to thrust back and forth, pushing in as far as I could on the
down strokes. At the start I was grasping his hips as he held onto the box,
but as I got into the rhythm I slid one of my hands underneath and took
hold of his cock, squeezing and massaging it as I plunged more forcefully
into him. I could feel my sphincter tightening and my balls crushing
upwards as I got more and more excited, and finally that burst of release
as my sperm shot into him, the walls of his insides gripping and pumping as
I spent my seed.

I remember us standing and kissing completely naked for a long time
afterwards, oblivious to the fact that someone could have walked in and
found us there. We also showered together and dressed each other slowly and
affectionately. I don’t know if either of us is going to be able to wrestle
in the team after this without getting turned on, but our own practice
sessions will make up for that.