Jason & Jay Cam Chat

Jason Talon and Jay Cooper CamChat

@JasonandJay are one of our very best webcam duos performing regularly on SockBoyZ CamChat. Jay Cooper has been with us for quite some time now, first as a Solo performer, and now teamed up with his boyfriend, Jason Talon. Together, they are a formidable force who always aim to please their viewers with some of the hottest webcam action you will ever cum to.

With their permission, SockBoyZ presents a clip from that hot action that is sure to have you leaking in the first 20 seconds. In it, young Jay is naked on the sofa – except for his white ankle socks – and drunk with horny twink lust, just begging for release. Jason Talon dutifully obliges, but not until he’s pounded the boy’s tight little ass does he finally go down on Jay. It only takes a few licks and the wiggle of a finger in Jay’s boy hole to send him over the edge and blast his sweet cum all over Jason’s face.

Enjoy this amazing sample of the action you will find with Jason and Jay, and catch them live to direct your very own!