Leotard Boys Fuck

The first rule of dance, indeed of any physical exercise, is that you should always make sure that you’re fully limbered up before you take to the floor – a point that blond-haired beauty, Tristan Cane, and his buddy, Kyle Wilkinson, are careful to adhere to in the opening moments of this terrific set-piece. Not that this pair of cock-hunters are in any mood to prolong the prologue, it must be said.

Before you know it they’re sucking each other’s faces off and Wilkinson is reaching down to release Cane’s handsome, shaved, uncut ramrod from its pouch. Seconds later and the dark-haired lad is down on his knees and slurping up and down the said cock’s over-generous length – which pretty much sets the scene for the antics that follow. Fact is, Wilkinson is clearly gagging to get that thick dick firmly between his butt-cheeks and will stop at nothing to achieve his objective.

No doubt that helps explain the clear relief on his cute little face when he’s finally being nailed against the wall by his horny mate. This is a boy who was literally born to be fucked – a fact that Cane makes the most of as he pummels the pup’s eager ass from all directions. No wonder that both guys are soon busting a nut all over Cane’s belly as the scene hits its sticky conclusion.