Why I Love Socks on a Man…

(Note: This is not my story, it is reprinted as written.)

My mother’s brother, Larry and his son Chickey, as he was called in the family, were not getting along and it was decided that Chickey should move in with us till things calmed down some between the two.

Moving in meant that I would be sharing my room with Chickey as well as my single twin bed a tight fit for two boys both 19. Mom said “you’re always having friends sleep over, so one of the family shouldn’t matter”.

Chickey (really named Larry) was 5’10, 165 pounds, solid and has a well defined build. A thick head of blond hair always combed in a 1950s pompadour, a real head turner of a man. Chickey always was dressed in the greaser look – white T-shirt, jeans, black leather jacket and the engineer’s boots.

We’d spent most of that first Saturday moving Chickeys things into the room, my room. Now our room was small but more than enough for the two of us. The twin bed was up against the one window in the room, a TV across the room, a closet and dresser plus two chairs. The bathroom was right next to our room, Mom used the bath in her room so it was our private bath, sort of.

That first Saturday after dinner, Mom who was now a widow, was going out with the girls for the night. Chickey and I would have the house to ourselves.

We were watching TV downstairs when Chickey said, “Hey

Kevin, we got our own TV in the room want to go up there and watch it?”.

I agreed! I’d been secretly looking forward to seeing Chickey get undressed all day and now he suggested it.

In the room I turned on the TV to the show we had been watching and sat next to Chickey on the small bed. I was pulling off my sneakers and Chickey his engineer boots. As I pulled off my socks Chickey said “I am going to leave my socks on is that OK, Kevin?”

I looked at his feet in the thick white socks, he was wiggling his toes and I said “Sure Chick, whatever you want man.”
Then Chickey removed his T-shirt as I removed my pull over. At the same time silently and looking at each other we both undid our pants flies and belts, then still looking at each other pulled down our jeans to expose our white cotton briefs to each other.

As we were both kicking our jeans off our feet I stole a look at the bulge in Chickeys briefs. Man, I could see the outline of his cock head so clear in his briefs.

I pulled down the sheets and blanket and got into the twin bed with the wall and the window to my rear. Chickey standing waiting to get in the bed was smiling a weird smile – again I got a good look, as he too climbed into the bed, at his cock outline.

We lay there facing each other the TV blaring away, Chickey said, “This bed is really small for the two of us Kev.”

I said “Yea I guess it is.”

Chickey said, “Well we have to have an understanding here, it’s so small that we can’t help bumping up against each other in our sleep but hey Kev, that’s cool with me I don’t mind if we do.”

“I guess it can’t be helped the bed is so small,”, I said.

With that Chickey placed one of his sock covered feet over mine and started rubbing. Then He placed one of his hairy legs against mine and was rubbing that too.

I was propped up on one arm to see over him to the TV and said nothing as he worked our feet and legs together.

Then I started looking his incredible chest, so well defined, and his tits.

Chickey smiled and said, “You like my chest Kev?”

I said, embarrassed, “Yea its so big and you can see you work out a lot.”

Chickey moved closer to me still rubbing his leg and sock clad foot against mine – now our chest’s were touching.

The first feel of his chest against mine sent shocks of excitement through me and I popped a hard on.

Chickey smiled again and put an arm over me saying, “Yea, I can tell you like seeing me like this, just us two in bed.”

He pulled me to him and our cocks touched against each other, covered in our cotton briefs. God he felt so hot!

We were silent as we rubbed our cocks, legs and feet against each other for what seemed like forever. Then Chickey pushed himself on top of me and got no resistance from me.

My arms were around him feeling his strong back as we humped our brief covered cocks together.

Then Chickey lifted up some and was pulling down his briefs, I lifted too and pulled mine down we resumed our humping now both naked.

Chickey put his thick, I later found out 7 1/2 inch cut cock, between my legs and with his socked feet pushed my legs closed around his cock. His socked feet remained against mine as he fucked me this way for a good 10 minutes.

Then suddenly he rolled off me onto his back next to me and pulled me on top of him. Now I had my cock, all 7 inches of it, between Chickey’s legs. It felt so good fuck him like this and feel his hard, thick dick on my stomach.

As before, our feet stayed in contact as we fucked.

Then Chickey whispered in my ear, “There are other things we can do Kevin, want to try something else?”

At this point I was his. I had never felt anything in my life nearly this good. I agreed.

Chickey was easy as he guided me off him then he got up on the bed and laid down so we were in the 69 position. I knew of this position, of course, but had never actually been in it with a male, or for that matter a female.

I was hoping, yet not sure, he had sucking each other in mind but I was afraid to be the first to make a move.

I did take hold of that thick massive cock of his, so steel hard, yet so soft. The skin moving in my hand felt so hot and the head was one of those mushroom ones, so much wider than the shaft.

Chickey took my long thick cock into his mouth, my first blow job, and it was great.

I humped my dick into his mouth, he licked my balls and cock and then the area between my balls and my hole too.

He stopped and said “Kev, do to me what I am doing to you, OK? Just follow what I do.”

As he was saying this, he was guiding that big dick into my mouth. It was in and I instantly knew I loved sucking cock.

His cock head was so big and the rim around it stood out from the shaft so much. I loved it in my mouth.

We sucked while Chickey kept rubbing his sock covered feet against my bare feet. His foot was letting me know when I was doing something to his cock that he really liked.

We were pushing our hard big dicks into each others mouth so hard and long, time had no meaning.

Soon I felt Chick tense up I knew he was going to shoot his load.

I grabbed his balls, then it happened, he let loose a big hot load of cum in my mouth. I nearly gagged but took it. Then another and yet another.

As he pushed his last load in my mouth, Chicky pressed his feet hard against mine. That was signal enough, and I shot wave after wave of my cum into Chickey’s hot mouth.

We laid on the bed each smoking a cigarette, the TV blaring. Chickey pulled off first one then the other of his white socks.

He gave them to me saying, “Kevin, these are going to be our fuck socks. Let’s keep them somewhere and whenever one of us wants to fuck we just put them on and the other will know to do it, OK?”

I took the socks that had been against me during my first male on male tryst and said, “Yea Chick, but why fuck socks? We didn’t fuck, we sucked each other.”

Chickey laughed and hugged me as he turned the lights out saying, “We’ll make them our fuck socks!” He was fingering my hole as he said this.

I just laughed and said, “Chickey put the socks on.”