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Video & Gallery: Sneak Technique

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Anderson Lovell and Colton Fox are horsing around in the empty gym one afternoon. Colton gives Anderson some instruction on the finer points of a takedown, demonstrating his technique with a sweeping leg motion that has both guys face down on the mat. Colton can feel his midsection pushed up against Anderson’s ass, silky and smooth through his wrestling gear. Unable to resist temptation, Colton runs his hand down the crack of Anderson’s ass, and Anderson is both a bit surprised and a bit turned on. As Colton continues, it becomes clear that both guys would rather move onto a different sort of contact sport. Colton brings Anderson’s face up to his and the two guys kiss before Colton strips Anderson down to his jock strap, rubbing and nibbling on his cock. Anderson is receptive and much more naturally gifted in this arena than he is at wrestling, running his hands through Colton’s hair and pushing his mouth deeper and deeper onto his waiting dick. Anderson fingers Colton’s hole and lubes up his cock, and in no time, he is on top of Colton and pumping him full and hard on down on the mat. Colton emits a whimper of pleasure as Anderson continues to thrust, Colton now on top of Anderson and riding his dick into a frenzy. Both guys are dripping sweat and almost out of breath when Anderson pulls out just in time to blast Colton’s backside with a hot pool of jizz, and they lay there and enjoy the moment for just a second, before one of the guys here’s someone entering and they have to flee.Enjoy!

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Sexy Abs Boy in Under Armour & Basketball Shorts


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Hot Pic Submission: Boy’s Sneaker Fetish Collection


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SockBoyZ CamChat: @VSChris_Twink Live Tonight 8pm #gay #twink

Chris Twink Cam Chat

Chris Twink Cam Chat

Sexy, charming, adorable and sweet – Chris Twink plans to be live with us tonight at 8pm EST and looking to spend some time with you! Below are some member reviews:
mk_fri Wrote on: January 31, 2014
Words cannot describe my feelings for Chris. He’s the most beautiful person I’ve ever met here in F4F, or any other live cam for that matter. I can’t wait untill I can again see him in pvt. He’s absolutely adorable and the sweetest most loveable young man I’ve ever met. It’s well worth you time to get to know him. And believe me I don’t take this lightly, this is the first reveiw I’ve ever done. I just love my cute little French Man.

PurpleReigns Wrote on: January 6, 2014
I don’t do a lot of reviews… I’ve known about Chris for a long time, but never talked with him until about a week ago.. my loss.. One of the kindest guys around, made me feel like we were friends for years… If you are nice/polite to him, he will return it 10X back. Absolutely beautiful spirit, and a real charmer. Well worth making the time to see him. You won’t regret it… :)

Shelby6ft6 Wrote on: January 5, 2014
Well I must say, “Je t’aime” Chris Twink, and then some, to my wonderful Frenchman! My second (one-on-one) chat, in 4 days, and after 3 hours, 9 minutes, and 2 seconds, why am I looking forward to my next private chat with this 22 year old Frenchman? Initially I thought I was addicted to him, then realized it had to be an obsession, he’s everything I have always wanted, so sweet and tender, with a soft spoken voice, gorgeous to look at, absolutely flawless, a real gem, and almost always naked to start to the show. I know what I am about to say, will probably sound strange to some, maybe to all, but since it’s on my dime so to speak, my next private chat, I do with this wonderful Frenchman, I want him fully clothed. I have to experience what it is about Chris Twink that keeps me coming back for more and he has to have his clothes on. I have viewed many models on F4F, and he’s the best of them all, 5 out of 5 Star model!

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CamChat Video: Cute College Boy Cums #gay #twink #camboy

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Hot Pic: Summer Time Speedo Boy #gay #twink


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