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Pennsylvania porn prodigy Tristan Adler is holed up in a hotel room in Vegas with nothing except his whip quick whit and horny thoughts. Lucky for him Max Carter is there to film the young cutie while he’s feelin’ frisky! His dream sceen mate is Joey Mills as he considers himself more of a top and if you touch his nipples (which he calls his fuck buttons) your definitely in for a good time. Max greases the gears by asking all the right questions then suggests Tristan give a little striptease. Being in Vegas and all it’s more than appropriate; plus, Adler’s got a great big boner that needs release. Adorably, he asks Carter if he should take his blue undies off and naturally Max says yes, then lends him some lube and a helping hand! The tight boddied twink leans back and enjoys the body contact when Max massages his torso but our director has other plans. He orders Adler to show us his butt which is a smooth and tender, taught pleasure center for the lad. Carter cracks the kid on the can with some spankings while Tristan moans for more and handles his hammer. Carter steps back to capture the beautiful boy’s sinewy body flex as the sun dances on his flawless complexion while he fucks his horned up hand. Max orders our boy to lay back down. He props his hot body up on an elbow looking stunning as his six pack tightens with every pump of his fist. The masturbation maestro speeds up then slows down to last longer and give us a glorious show. Max got his hot hole revved up and Adler takes it to the next level by inserting a welcomed finger. Carter manages to get so close you can almost taste the two fisting fuck boy’s wonderful wank work. Once his butt is teased, Tristan can’t hold back. He quickens the pace and blasts hot lusty, love lava all over his twink torso. Carter reaches out from behind he camera to help milk out the last drop, causing full body orgasmic aftershocks to quiver through Tristan’s entire body. He looks up at us with a smile that could light up the night while covered in cum all the way past his “fuck buttons.”

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This is a pairing that has to be seen by fans of real fucking. Young twink Aaron is always eager to enjoy some dick, but he was especially horny for handsome and hung jock Janusz. The feeling was certainly mutual, the handsome Polish top could hardly get his jeans off before his 8-inch dick is being sucked and slurped by the sexy young man. The two enjoy their engorged cocks, but soon enough Janusz is sinking his big dick into that snug opening and giving eager Aaron an amazing fuck all over the bed. You won’t be shocked to know there’s a lot of cum to splash by the end of it and you’ll be making a hot mess with them!